NOTE: We intended t use the GoFundMe crowd funding platform to raise money for this project - but - it appears that this is illegal here in Finland though GoFundMe don't make any references to that fact.

Finnish tax laws are very strict - and because Gary Wornell is based in Finland we want to make sure that Moving Mountain School Bag abides by local laws. 

So for now we are looking at other sources for collecting money. 

Moving Mountain School Bag is preparing an appeal for funding through GoFundMe. Here is a short video - just 3 minutes - explaining who we are and what we are trying to do - and how you can support our project. 

We feel that this is a fantastic way to send a message of hope to the children of the worst hit areas in Nepal. They are the ones who will take this experience of their childhood and turn it into a positive force for their future. You - the donors - are the people who will make it possible.