Moving Mountain gets a colour logo

Tarja Petrell's Moving Mountain School Bag logo

Our Mission

Moving Mountain School Bag is a relief project aimed at providing post earthquake support to children who have lost their homes, schools and family members in the April 25th and May 12th earthquakes.

At the heart of education and learning

The school bag features as the main image - the blue sky, red mountains and green earth are represented inside the bag and the bag itself is placed over the heart of Nepal which has been split by the force of the earthquakes. This heart is represented by the straps - that the child uses to carry into their future - a future of possibilities fuelled by education and learning. Inside the bag are the mountains - which also reflect the Nepal flag.

We want to hear from you

We'd like to hear your thoughts on our logo. How to you interpret the design? Fill in the comment form below, write your thoughts and we'll publish them here.

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