Eco-friendly sanitary pads for girls 

Girls are often absent from school during menstruation due to a lack of access to sanitary pads. This leads a girl to drop out of school in the long run because school absenteeism makes them poor performers in exams, which brings shame to them among family and community.

In Nepal 30 percent of girls report missing school during their periods because of a lack of privacy and the unavailability of sanitary disposal facilities as well as water shortages.

In rural areas, girls cannot afford sanitary pads instead they use rags, which if not properly cleaned can result in infections and many health issues. Working closely with schools in rural areas, we are Sanitary pads to adolescent girls in the schools that we visit during school bag donations.

The sanitary pad is chemical free, environment friendly, 100% cotton and reusable.


Dignity Kit

All products are 100% cotton. One kit includes the following:

  • 1 Panty Liner

  • 3 Regular sanitary pads

  • 1 Vanity bag


Dignity Kit
$15 for 1 dignity kit for 1 girl
$100 for 7 dignity kits for 7 girls