Inspiring a love of nature from within the classroom

After the earthquake, many schools are rebuild that we have been donating bags. The new building are soulless without proper painting and murals. Making fun and informative murals has positive impact and bring the happiness to be in the classroom for Children. Let’s make the classroom fun to learn. The cost includes the painting materials, transportation and snacks for volunteers. It doesn’t cost any administration and staff cost.


Young Creatives

Moving Mountain Nepal provides employment for artists who paint murals. Concepts and plans for the paintings are discussed and agreed by school administration before we enter the school. Local topography, flora and fauna and community culture helps in determining the final designs.

It takes 2-3 days to complete the work and MMN provide accommodation, the cost of paints, brushes, and transportation to the site.


5 Classroom Murals (grade 1-5)

1-2 Young professionals with additional support from interested students. Our artists provide guidance for 1-3 students selected to work on the project. This gives younger aspiring artists the chance to learn and share in the creative process.