Video - School Bags to Shree Salme Primary School in Thakani

Sitting in the cab of the 4 x 4 after a long haul up into the mountains we talked about how the immediate needs of the hardest hit communities were being met by small groups like the one Sabu Gurung was part of. They had done an amazing job with careful analysis of the needs of each village.  

It was on the journey back from taking these food supplies to the Dalit communities in Bahrabinse in Sindupalchowk that Rewati Gurung realised that the children of these communities had no where to continue their studies, and no materials to study with. In the building of temporary shelters and maintaining food supplies, there would be no money for anything extra. Families would have to face huge economic challenges.

It was a Eureka moment for Rewati.  I also felt immediately deep down that the idea would provide the children of Nepal with a positive message that education is the key to their future. Give them the tools to express themselves - show them that they are the most valuable resource this country has and that it is dependent on them - and they will come out stronger and more resilient and proud of their Nepal.